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The shop section of our website now has a new look, and several new features! You can order all four colors of axol plushies, pick from multiple shipping speeds, create a user account to receive special news and promos and best of all, INTERNATIONAL ORDERS are now accepted!! ✨🌎✨ there’s so much newness it’s insane..

Where to even start? Allow us to show you around the new place! *We will show you on a desktop, but checkout is just as easy and secure on mobile.

The url is still the same!

When you first arrive at the new shop it looks something like this

Here you can see the new shop page! You can pick one of four plushie colors for adoption! New products will also be added here as we roll them out.

Next, you click the product you want and a cute little pop up appears

This is where you can read more about the specific item you pick and then add them to your cart!

Then the cart will appear on the right side of your screen! From here you can change the quantity or add more things! Whenever you're ready, just click "checkout" to begin the purchase process

Lastly, when you click the "checkout" button a little pop-up appears and takes you through the process

You can also create a user account to stay up to date with new products and get early access! Also, after checkout you will receive email updates as your Axol & Friends order is processing and shipped! If you don't see anything from Axol, check your junk folder!

Thank you so much for supporting our cause and being part of this world-changing mission! You now know how to checkout with ease, why not go give it a shot?


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