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This TV Ad Was Banned in Iceland - Here's Why

AXOL - NOVEMBER 16, 2018

A friend recently sent us this moving cartoon commercial that was created for TV in Iceland. It's a moving piece but it was banned for being "too controversial". You can watch the advertisement here and then read on to learn more.

A petition has been started on to have the ad reinstated. Here's what the petition says

"Iceland released a Christmas advert today highlighting the devastation caused by palm oil products. It was a beautiful and important message. But the tv regulators have banned the advert, for being too political!

Palm oil is a product that can be found in everything from shampoos and detergents to sandwiches and biscuits.. It’s one of the most environmentally-damaging industries, and each day 25 orangutans are killed. It’s production wipes out rainforests and wildlife, driving animals like the orangutan into extinction.

The body that stopped the advert being broadcasted, Clearcast, say that the ad breaches it’s political rules. The ad holds an important message - one that is emotional, touching and helps to spread a message about saving the environment and so must be broadcasted."

Click here to sign the petition!

And you can read more about the harm of Palm Oil on Orangutuns by visiting (click the link to go to their page)



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