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our 2018 holiday donations
NAC works with new York city foster kids with special needs to help them find loving homes

IMPACT - NOV 26 2018

We just donated 100 axol plushies to children in the foster care/adoption system through a partnership with New Alternatives for Children (NAC), the agency that is "Opening Doors to Children with Special Healthcare Needs" in New York City. Here's some information about the organization and the amazing work they do!

"Because every child with special needs deserves a special parent" - NAC

In the heart of New York City, amongst the seemingly uniform uneventful building fronts of West 26th Street is an office teeming with passion, innovation, and collaboration, where experts in the fields of health, education, and social services all work together to make a real difference for the city’s most vulnerable children. We were drawn to NAC because of their innovative, cutting-edge, and unique approach to caring for kids with special needs.

NAC was founded in 1982 on the belief that every child deserves a safe, nurturing home and a bright future. NAC’s mission is to provide innovative high quality services in support of birth, foster, and adoptive families caring for medically complex children.

NAC has a network of professionals and services that support four core programs: preventive services, partners in parenting, foster care and adoption, and post legal adoption support. These four pillars span everything from medical and health support to college bound programs, pet-assisted therapy, food, clothing, after school referrals, and even legal advocacy.

"NAC provides real help and real hope to thousands of children with disabilities and chronic illnesses and their families throughout New York City. Through an integrated continuum of health and social services, NAC keeps children safe from abuse or neglect and works with birth, foster and adoptive families to keep children out of institutions and in nurturing, loving homes. Beyond safety and permanency, NAC supports each individual and family served in reaching their full potential.” NAC also provides education programs, such as after-school programming, all the way up to College test prep!

We could not be more delighted and honored to partner with NAC to provide holiday presents for children in the foster care/adoption system. We’ve sent this box full of axol plushies in hopes that these little buddies might provide companionship and happiness to these amazing kids.

You can read more about NAC on their website, https://nackidscan.org/


Jonathan R L Grosso, Axol & Friends Founder

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