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What we are experiencing right now is the result of centuries of systemic racism, oppression, and injustice that have gone unchecked in American society, wreaking havoc, poverty, and devastation on communities of color. The benefit of such discrimination, inequality and exploitation have directly benefited white men, both during and after slavery.

Racism is not a political issue, advocating for equality is not a political opinion, and human lives are not political pawns. All humans are created equally, and deserve a fair chance at the american dream. Our nation promises liberty and justice for all, in reality we fall short too often.

Yes, all lives matter - no one said they didn’t. In fact, we [Axol & Friends] are passionate about the lives of refugees, immigrants, the homeless, those suffering from substance abuse, or poverty due to exploitative labor systems, people unable to get treatment due to a lack of healthcare, and so many other vulnerable populations. We want to tackle all these issues, and in time we will. But today we shout black lives matter, because this affirmation is needed. Our societal systems give a different impression, treating black communities as lesser, committing callous inhumane actions and operating in disregard for black people of all ages, sexes, religions, and socio-economic status.

Our black brothers and sisters have endured more than enough pain and loss. Now it’s time to put an end to these atrocities, and to provide every black person the social, economic, and political power necessary to thrive.

As an act of solidarity we are disabling most parts of our website and only using social media as a tool for advancing this human rights movement. We love all of you who have become ambassadors of our movement, and we ask that you join us in shifting our focus to this urgent matter.

We live in an interconnected world, where many of the issues of human rights, animal rights, and environmental conservation intersect - in both obvious and unexpected ways. Regardless of your age, race, religion, or nationality there is action you can take to combat the injustice faced by black communities, and we urge you to rise to the occasion.

Read on to learn what you can do.

become an informed ally

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Start at for the most up to date info on policy proposals, protests, and history of this movement.
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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been a leading non-profit agency advocating for civil and human rights for 100 years now. They have a vast library of literature on Black Lives Matter, including ways to be invovled locally and nationally.
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For over 100 years the NAACP has spearheaded the fight for equality, liberty and justice for people of color. Black history, culture, latest research, political theory, and reform policies are just some of the many things you can find at NAACP.

read these articles

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Read this Washington Post article about how racism derails our efforts to save the planet
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Campaign Zero is a comprehensive initiative to end police brutality once and for all. Visit their site to stay on top of the latest policy action and check out statistics on your city’s record for police misconduct.
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Learn how to show solidarity in the USA and around the world with this Time Out article. These 7 steps are just the beginning, but they set a solid foundation for those looking to become a life long ally of the black lives matter movement.

use your voice and vote

We must do more than just talk - Now is the time for action. Join a protest in your region, volunteer for candidates that you support, and lobby your elected officials to support police reform and anti-racism policies. Most importantly, rally your friends and family on election day. Protesting is truly one of the most patriotic activities, and it is protected by the first amendment. The ACLU has in-depth info on your rights and how to make your protest successful and keep it peaceful.
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Learn how to show solidarity in the USA and around the world with Resistbot. This amazing free service allows you to simply send a text that the program converts into emails, physical letters, and faxes, and sends them to your representatives! It has never been easier to exercise your democratic rights and make your voice heard.

text "resist" to 50409

put your money where your mouth is

When it comes to combating injustice, funds are crucial yet hard to come by. Click these links to see all the organizations working hard to right the wrongs and consider giving if you are capable.

Also make a conscious effort to shop at black owned businesses, click the city icons to see businesses we like in our home cities.

explore local black owned businesses

sign a petition, or several

we will update this #blm pages as things progress. our normal home page will return eventually. together we can change the world.

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